LoiLoScope2, how to purchase the CD-Rom with the box

Purchase flow

1. Purchase LoiLoScope2 in the box on Amazon.com

1. On the purchase page

Click on "Purchase the box" on the purchase page

2. On Amazonwebsite

You will be redirected to Amazon website. Please continue your purchase on Amazon.com

3. Install the CD-Rom

Once you receive the box, install the CD on your PC and follow the instructions on your screen.

2. Enter LoiLoScope2 serial number

1. Launch LoiLoScope2

Launch LoiLoScope2, and click on the “Already Purchased” button on the left side.

2. Select "Enter the serial number"

Click on the "Enter the serial number"

3. Enter the serial number

In the box, you will find enclosed the serial number. Please enter the right number and check if there is no mistake.

4. Restart the software and the installation is complete

Once the license file is loaded, you only need to restart to activate the software and start to edit your files.

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