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The user manual for LoiLoScope2 can be downloaded here.

LoiLoScope2 Manual
PDF(2012/2/22) Download

The instructional video on how to use LoiLoScope2

Here you can get the explanation by the developers of the LoiLoScope2 on how to use the program.
You can easily get used to the program by trying to use it while watching the instructional video.

Table of contents
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●What is what
(0:00:00) General explanation and basic operations

●Finding pictures and videos in the media browser
(0:02:00) Contents display and organization
(0:03:16) Mouse-over preview
(0:03:48) Selecting a single file
(0:06:00) Selecting multiple files

●Simple editing
(0:03:38) Trimming
(0:04:41) Cutting scenes out from a video file
(0:05:40) Auto editing
(0:06:38) Slideshow, preview and seek bar

●Editing on the timeline
(00:07:16) Timeline -- what's it all about
(00:08:12) Hierarchy in the timeline
(00:08:55) Timeline's playback range
(00:09:10) Cutting with scissors tool
(00:09:42) Backward selection tool
(00:10:25) Transitions
(00:13:55) Set transition effect manually
(00:11:29) Zoom in/out effect on pictures
(00:12:10) Text
(00:12:45) End roll
(00:15:55) Background music
(00:16:28) Adjusting volume and display audio wave form
(00:26:05) File output
(00:27:00) Uploading a video to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo
(00:30:27) Camera output
(00:30:53) Watching on portable device
(00:31:18) DVD/Blu-ray creation tool
(00:33:33) Menu design window
(00:34:38) Encoding multiple files

●Special tools
(00:17:45) Pen tool effects (pen, stamp, blur-out pen effects)
(00:22:24) Time stretching tool (change speed button)
(00:25:05) Inserting pause

●General tools
(00:35:24) Magnet tool (organizing files)
(00:36:04) Right-click shortcuts (quick sending to different locations)
(00:37:05) Guide and option settings

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