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Ver. 1.8.2 Update Information (7/22/2010)

*Public Communication Features
- Share pictures and videos with your friends on Facebook
- Automatically post the link of your video uploaded to YouTube on to Twitter and Facebook
*Private Communication Features
- Place passwords on your videos and send private videos through e-mail
*Improved Media Browser, and improved file management
*Mouse-over preview, file deletion, and direct output from the media browser

You can find information about previous updates /bug fixes here
Share fecebook

Share pictures and videos with your friends on Facebook

Upload pictures and videos to Facebook all at once. Share videos from events that you have attended with ease.

<Features only available from LoiLo>
Upload without worrying about the upload limit!

- When uploading more than 200 photos, the software automatically creates a new album for your photos

- Videos files that are over the limit of 1G or 20 min per file, will automatically be split and uploaded

Share youtube

Automatically share videos uploaded to YouTube on Twitter and Facebook

Automatically tweet the link of your video on Twitter and/or post the link on Facebook after uploading the video on YouTube.

<Features only available from LoiLo>
Share high quality videos with everyone.

You can remember your Twitter and Facebook login information, and decide what you want to share.

Share vimeo

Place passwords on your videos and send private videos through e-mail

You can upload videos with a password, and share the link with friends and family. Using the Vimeo service, you can upload high quality videos, and protect them with a password. Fill out the mailing form within the LoiLo software and send the videos to your friends and family with a personalized message. The recipients will be able to enjoy the private video without having to register.

Share media browser

Mouse-over preview, file deletion, and direct output from the media browser

- Preview: Mouse-over the video, music, or picture file you want to preview in the media browser or desktop

- File deletion: You can delete files from the media browser by using the check boxes on the thumbnails

- Direct Output: Select multiple files in the media browser and directly output them on to your PC.


LoiLoTouch Ver.1.7.2 (2/3/2010 update)

<Bug Fixes>
- AVCHD (MPEG2) file memory leakage.
- Text utilization error for general account users.
- Lack of memory error caused by continuous massive video playback.
- Disturbing sound (howling) cause by Web Cam capture.
- Noise interference during GPU playback for GeForce.
- Improved deinterlace quality.
- Failure to continuously output file with CUDA.
- Inability to play .mov file other than QuickTime.

Share tutorial


Learn instantly with our new tutorial. Follow the commands and let LoiLoTouch guide you through the basic video editing steps.

Instructions: Launch by selecting "Tutorial" from start-up page and follow instructions by touching or dragging the red dot. Select "ok" to exit.
Share avchd capture

AVCHD Capture

Input videos directly onto LoiLoTouch with AVCHD video camera by connecting it to your computer.

Instructions: Connect camera to your computer, launch LoiLoTouch, and select the magnifying glass icon on bottom right to open media browser. Select the tab with your camera name to display files and click or drag files onto LoiLoTouch.
Share relocating files

Relocating your files

Use browser to relocate files that has been renamed or relocated. Message will automatically pop-up after you open a project if there has been any changes made for the files that have been used. Browser will not be able to located deleted files.

Instructions: When a file cannot be located, a window will appear asking you to relocate. Select the file you wish to locate, click "ok", and select the silver browse button to begin your search.
Share change speed

Create high-speed/slow-motion video

Output video in different playback speed mode.
* Excluding video formats for QuickTime (.mov, cpu mp4)

Instructions: Select thumbnail or timeline you wish to change and choose your format under file output. Select "change playback speed" in the dialog and adjust speed by using pull down menu (10%-2000%) or enter in number directly. Click "ok" to output.

Save output setting

Save your previous output setting. Touch "reset" to return to default setting.
* Excluding video formats for QuickTime (.mov, cpu mp4)

Instructions: Select timeline or thumbnail and go to file output under share menu. Select format, check setting, and click "ok".

Intel Core i5, Core i3 video playback compatible

Now you can enjoy AVCHD, full HD H.264/AVC video editing with your not-so-pricy computers!
Super LoiLoScope image

LoiLoTouch Version update)

- Audio and visual not being in sync for AVCHD/AVI output
- In process remaining even after the program being closed
- Specific Mp3 files not being able to play
Super LoiLoScope image
update update

LoiLoTouch now supports Intel's Clear Video.
Editing Full HD H.254/AVCs such as AVCHD is now possible with low-end PCs that have trouble handling heavy data.

G45, GM45 integrated graphics

update update

Video capture with DV, HDV video cameras, and webcams.

How to use:If your webcam or DV camera is alreay connected to the computer, touch the capture thumbnail and press the Rec. button to begin recording.
Or, touch the capture icon under Home menu/ touch the capture thumbnail which will appear on the display/ press the Rec. button.


update update
  With the Geforce GT220, stream 2 HD AVCHD videos with only the GPU.
Stream over 3 HD AVCHD videos by combining it with a high-speed CPU.

Output codec for uncompressed and lossless compression files, and files with heavy data.

How to use:Touch the local output icon from Share menu/ Select AVI output

update update
  Now use LoiLoTouch on Windows® 7 Media Foundation.
Codec will no longer be required to play and edit mp4 files.

MPEG2 file output is now possible. (Windows® 7 only)

How to use: From the Share menu, touch the local output icon/ select MPEG2 output.

bug fix  

The non-response of the multi-touch display when using a Wacom tablet and a multi-touch display together has been fixed.

The bad response of the text inside the timeline has been fixed.



Super LoiLoScope image