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Play high-resolution movies smoothly
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Because high-definition camcorders and digital cameras are now sold at the local electronic store, we are able to enjoy professional quality video and pictures at home.
As files get bigger and bigger, image processing, such as video editing, on traditional computers using CPU technology take longer and longer.

Smooth video editing with LoiLoTouch + NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology

GPU technology, in order to handle large amounts of graphic data, consists of several Streaming Processors(SP) enabling parallel processing. GeForce GTX 280, a high-end model developed by NVIDIA consists of 240 SPs; whereas a typical CPU only carrying 4 at most. When measuring computer performance with *FLOPS, a Quad Core CPU results to about 100GFLOPS. On the other hand, a high-end GPU performs over 900GFLOPS.
The general utilization of GPU not relating to graphics is called GPGPU (General Purpose GPU). The developmental environment in which NVIDIA provides is what we call NVIDIA CUDA™ Technology.*Floating point Operations per Second-Measures the calculation speed within one second.
core cpu gpu

LoiLoTouch, world's first movie editing software with FULL GPU acceleration.

Process images too heavy for CPU with GPU. Ecou engine, a high-speed engine developed by LoiLo is also a GPGPU.
LoiLoTouch™ is compatible with top of the line technology and is the world’s first video editing software which fully utilizes GPU technology: Play videos with CUDA™, edit and compose with ecou engine, output with CUDA™.

With LoiLoTouch™, our ultra high-speed video editing software, anyone can enjoy editing HD videos with their own personal computer.
Also, with some simple settings, users can experience CUDA™ technology. In addition to smooth video playing & editing, by using the CUDA™ encoder for video output, LoiLoTouch is 10x faster than when only using a CPU processor.
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Comparative analysis of GPU and CPU

MTS video taken from a video camera (Full HD 1920x1080)
Writing out a 60 second movie in mp4 of the same size.PC spec
OS: Windows® Vista
CPU: Intel Vore2Duo E8200@2,66GHz
duda encode
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With simple settings, take the burden of video processing away from CPU. With CUDA™ backup, enjoy a smoother experience with LoiLoTouch™.

LoiLoTouch is ultra high-speed video editing software that takes advantage our very own high-speed video processing engine. Not only that, but LoiLo has also succeeded in performing a highly impressive speed with GPU for video processing. With this, we were able to develop the world's first Full GPU accelerated software. With LoiLoTouch, you can experience our latest technology with CUDA™. NVIDIA GPU already distributed in 15 million personal computers, we succeeded in processing HD videos without any frame drops or buffering. You don’t need anything fancy to edit HD movies. Don't you think that’s amazing?


GPU play back-up settings

Play and edit H.264 videos, AVCHD, mp4, QuickTime HD(.mov) smoothly.
Open Home menu on LoiLoTouch™.Click the option icon on the right. On the settings window, check GPU check box. Click OK.

High-speed CUDA™ encode

With LoiLoTouch™, experience CUDA™ technology by clicking the CUDA™ button when encoding a video. Output large, Full HD movies into mp4 format 10x faster than a CPU processor.
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