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Who We Are

Creators of exciting next-generation software

What We Do

Unlock people’s potential with fun and simple-to-use software!

Company name

LoiLo Inc.

Business Address

Shokochukin Yokohama Bld. 5F, 4-40 Kitanaka-dori Naka-ku
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 231-0003 JAPAN

Registered Capital

109,990,000 JPY (Assets amount included)

Management Team

CEO    Koji Sugiyama
President Ryutaro Sugiyama


Koji Sugiyama
Ryutaro Sugiyama

Date of Establishment

April 3rd, 2007

Company activities

Next-generation software development projects

Main bank

Bank of Yokohama

Business partners

  • I-O Data Device Inc
  • JVC Kenwood Corporation
  • SYNNEX Japan Corporation
  • Dynabook Inc.
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • UnitCom
  • SB C&S Corp.

  • Education board of Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Education board of Chiba City
  • Education board of Fuji City
  • Education board of Kagoshima City
  • Education board of Kurashiki City
  • Education board of Kyotanabe City
  • Education board of Oita City
  • Education board of Sapporo City
  • Education board of Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
  • Education board of Uruma City
  • Education board of Yamagata City etc.

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Key Company Dates

November, 2014

LoiLoNote School received the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award in the Japan
e-Learning Awards 2014

September, 2014

Released collaborative learning lesson support app LoiLoNote School (USA)

April, 2014

Released collaborative learning lesson support app LoiLoNote School (Japan)

February, 2014

LoiLoNote received the CEC Prize in the ICT Dream Contest 2013

November, 2013

Released collaborative learning lesson support app LoiLoNote (USA & Germany)

November, 2013

Released free music and live concert information app FAN

September, 2013

Released game screen capture and sharing software for computers LoiLo Game Recorder

March, 2013

Released learning support app LoiLoNote (Japan)

March, 2013

LoiLoNote received the Minister of Education Award, Schools Division, in the ICT Dream Contest 2012

July, 2013

LoiLoNote received the Poster Session Award at EdMedia (World Conference on Educational Media and Technology)

July, 2011

Released LoiLoScope 2 in Japan

August, 2010

Started LoiLoScope EX bundle to JVC camcorders on PICSIO model

April, 2010

Released LoiLo Education, a video editing software for educational institutions (schools)

October, 2009

Released LoiLoTouch and huge presentation during the Windows 7 launch

October, 2009

Super LoiLoScope received the Award of S&M Enterprises at the Good Design Award 2009

August, 2009

US Silicon Valley office establishment

June, 2009

Presentation of LoiLoTouch by Microsoft GM at the Computex TAIPEI 2009, during NVIDIA's keynote speech

May, 2009

Received the Unexplored Creator Business Plan Contest Grand Prix Award from the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA), METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

December, 2008

Started bundle to AMD, NVIDIA graphic cards

November, 2008

Joint development with NHK Educational, developed "Sozo Editor" for children

October, 2008

Released download version of Super LoiLoScope

August, 2008

Presentation of LoiLoScope at SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles

March, 2008

Presentation of LoiLoScope at Google Tech Talk

December, 2007

Released the plug-in software Smooth for animation industry

November, 2007

Received the u-kanagawa prize from Kanagawa business audition

October, 2007

Ryutaro Sugiyama acknowledged as Super Creator by the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA), METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

September, 2007

Received the Microsoft Innovation Excellence Award Certification

April, 2007

Establishment of LoiLo and Koji Sugiyama nominated as CEO

January, 2007

Selected to receive support from Microsoft, Kanagawa prefecture, and Keio SIV Entrepreneur Laboratory

December, 2006

Adoption of exploratory software project (Ryutaro Sugiyama individually)

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LoiLo Inc.

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LoiLo Inc.

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