Privacy Policy


I pay the privacy protection the maximum attention.
I defend the privacy of individual information on the member who collected to provide this service,
and lecture on the means to maintain the secret.

Privacy Policy

1. About disclosing individual information

Individual information is never disclosed without the agreement of the member besides the cooperation enterprise that makes the contract and the secret maintenance me. However, individual information might be disclosed in the following cases.

a. When you receive a formal inquiry based on the law from the official body such as the courts and the police.
b. When judging it is necessary to provide service and the advertisement in cooperation with the entrepreneur who is in this service and affiliations or can become it.
c. The subject of service is changed by the business clearance etc. , and when judging that it is necessary to transfer individual information for the continuance of service.
d. When judging that it is appropriate that I indicate it based on a reasonable reason for other lawful purposes.

2. To protect one's privacy

Please bear it in mind to always log out after accessing this service so that others may never access your information and communications records.
Moreover, please conceal the password and member information. Please contact me promptly if there is unlawful computer access to the account.
In this service, I do not assume the responsibility for personal where to make contact information disclosed by other members at all.
Please set the level of opening to the public to disclosing individual information within the range of own responsibility.
Individual information that the member discloses must forget might neither collection of it nor it be used by others.

3. About mail

Please acknowledge being likely being likely to transmit mail to member's registration address based on my judgment as part of the notification or the function in this service management beforehand.

4. Storage of personal data and system of management

Member's individual information is accumulated, and managed strictly by me.
Individual information is taken care of properly and carefully esteeming member's intention based on the agreement for use.
When conclusion of severe security regulation and management in contract with partner enterpriseIt listens to members' opinions always and the complaints, and it makes an effort about maintenance and the service improvement of the quality of service, and the manager makes an effort to the acquisition of training of the attitude, an improvement of the nature, and the latest technology as a person who treats individual information.

5. Revision of privacy policy

I will notify the date of the revision and the change point, etc.
by top page or the press release of this service when this privacy policy is revised.
Moreover, it is considered that it is assumed the one that the change is applied, and the member agreed to the change when using it after the member changes.

6. Exemption matters

It is not the one to secure the infosecurity though I prevent the leaking of private information, the outflow, and the falsification, etc. beforehand, and give thorough measures to keep the safety of individual information.
Moreover, the use of this service is assumed the one offered in member's all responsibilities, and assumed to be the one that it doesn't assume the responsibility of the loss and the damage that occurs because of the leaking of private information, the outflow, and the falsification, etc. at all.

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