LoiLoScope2 用户手册

可在这里下载 LoiloScope2 的用户手册。

用户手册 PDF(2012/2/22) 下载

教您如何使用 LoiloScope2 的教学视频

在这里,您可以获取 LoiLoScope2 开发者对如何使用该程序的解释。

Table of contents
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●What is what
(0:00:00) General explanation and basic operations

●Finding pictures and videos in the media browser
(0:02:00) Contents display and organization
(0:03:16) Mouse-over preview
(0:03:48) Selecting a single file
(0:06:00) Selecting multiple files

●Simple editing
(0:03:38) Trimming
(0:04:41) Cutting scenes out from a video file
(0:05:40) Auto editing
(0:06:38) Slideshow, preview and seek bar

●Editing on the timeline
(00:07:16) Timeline -- what's it all about
(00:08:12) Hierarchy in the timeline
(00:08:55) Timeline's playback range
(00:09:10) Cutting with scissors tool
(00:09:42) Backward selection tool
(00:10:25) Transitions
(00:13:55) Set transition effect manually
(00:11:29) Zoom in/out effect on pictures
(00:12:10) Text
(00:12:45) End roll
(00:15:55) Background music
(00:16:28) Adjusting volume and display audio wave form
(00:26:05) File output
(00:27:00) Uploading a video to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo
(00:30:27) Camera output
(00:30:53) Watching on portable device
(00:31:18) DVD/Blu-ray creation tool
(00:33:33) Menu design window
(00:34:38) Encoding multiple files

●Special tools
(00:17:45) Pen tool effects (pen, stamp, blur-out pen effects)
(00:22:24) Time stretching tool (change speed button)
(00:25:05) Inserting pause

●General tools
(00:35:24) Magnet tool (organizing files)
(00:36:04) Right-click shortcuts (quick sending to different locations)
(00:37:05) Guide and option settings

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