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Adobe After Effects Plugin Smooth
smoothing AE plugin

When the original picture is scanned, you do not see beautiful and clean black lines like you do above. You see black lines gradually turn white, which have gradation on them (image 1). This is called anti-alias effect. You may think that using the bucket tool to fill in the color is effective but the bucket tool does not fill in the colors equally and fully (image 2).

Smooth plugin After Effect

dividing to separate the white and black color completely (image 3). By doing this one can fill in the colors equally and fully using the bucket tool.

AE plugin
Smooth after effect plugin

Making two backgrounds and compiling pictures together, an animation scene is almost complete. After doing this you need to film. After this just apply Smooth to where it is needed (image 5).
If you use Smooth , which is a plug in related to Adobe After Effects you can create beautiful scenes!
*Smooth is a Abode After Effects plug in. Please have Abode After Effects ready and installed as well.

Smooth + Makoto Shinkai