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How to purchase


  We will guide you through the purchasing process for LoiLoTouch  

STEP1:Download the trial version



Start off by downloading our 30 day free trial.  

>>LoiLoTouch trial version download

>>GPU Driver Update


STEP2: Experience LoiLoTouch



Try out all our features for free for 30 days.
After the trial period ends, some features will be limited, but you can still enjoy the software as a "free version".
  >>LoiLoTouch Comparison Sheet

STEP3:Purchase from loilo.tv



Purchase LoiLoTouch online!
Major credit cards and wire transfers are accepted.
  >>Buy LoiLoTouch

STEP4: Download the License File from My Page and input into trial version



After purchase, download the License File and apply it to the Trial Version. You will then be able to use all features of LoiLoTouch.  

>>How to apply License File to Trial Version

>>For those who purchased as a package or from other vendors

thank you!    
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